Maui Brewing Co.

“Our new production brewery was critical to growing our brand and launching distribution. Rick and Brewery Finance Group were instrumental in purchasing and installing the canning line. The speed and seamless handling of our deal was impressive. Call these guys first!”

Garrett Marrero, Maui Brewing Co.

Modern Times Beer

“Brewery Finance came through for us at a crucial time for Modern Times. Traditional lenders were not interested at all due to the youth of the brewery. We are where we are today partly because of the relationship we enjoyed with Brewery Finance.”

Chris Sarette, Modern Times Beer

Taos Mesa Brewing

“Working with Brewery Finance was easy and gave us that extra push to get to the production level we needed. I recommend them for startup breweries that are lacking startup capital but want to maximize their potential.”

Jayson Wylie, Taos Mesa Brewing Company

Sly Fox Brewing Co.

Sly Fox Brewing Company, Inc is a rapidly growing craft brewery located in the Philadelphia, PA suburbs and we have used Brewery Finance for three equipment leases in the last year. We have leased a variety of equipment to support our growth including:

  • Ink jet printer for date coding our cans and bottles
  • 3,000 lb Toyota fork lift
  • 2-40 BBL Fermenters
  • 1-40 BBL Brite Beer Tank
  • 1/2 and 1/6 BBL Kegs

The lease process was simple and professionally managed by Brewery Finance and Rick Wehner. The lease rates were competitive to similar types of funding sources and the funds were dispersed expeditiously to our vendors. I would gladly recommend Brewery Finance to any of my fellow craft brewers and can be reached on my cell at 610-716-3020.

John J. Giannopoulos, Sly Fox Brewing Company

Against The Grain

“Frankly, my partners and I can’t figure out how Brewery Finance makes it all work. We got exactly what we needed, and we got it quickly, efficiently, and easily.”

Adam Watson, Against the Grain Brewery

Ska Brewing Co.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing regarding Brewery Finance and what a pleasure it has been to work with them, and in particular with Rick Wehner. As those in the brewing industry know, when things are hopping, a lot of innovative decisions are made on the fly. Such was the case when we were moving into our new brewery and found ourselves needing to move tanks that were still holding beer—the Plan needed to be altered. I was fortunate enough that our keg supplier had inventory in stock; the problem was that I didn’t have cash in stock.

I called Rick on a Tuesday, and he had 3 financing proposals to me within the next few hours. Although he was going to be out of town the second half of the week, he pulled everything together seamlessly and the kegs were on their way within the week.

Despite the fact that he and I had not worked together before, Rick acknowledged the urgency of my situation with the utmost and professional courtesy, and set my mind at ease. I had the confidence after our first conversation that I could depend on Rick and Brewery Finance. In our business, solutions are often urgent and expensive, and as is par for the course, our expansion was over-budget. Brewery Finance was able to work with me to find a solution that worked for us during our big project, and I can say with all honesty that should we have financing needs in the future; Rick will be the first person I turn to.


David Thibodeau, President, Ska Brewing Co

Surly Brewing Co.

“Rick started helping me out before I even worked with him. I was having trouble with my leasing company and Rick helped get that deal completed. I have been working with Rick ever since. The best compliment I can give Rick is that he’s like people in the brewing industry. He gets things done.”

Omar Ansari, Surly Brewing Company

Oskar Blues Brewing

“As wonderful as our industry is, the fun stops when it comes to finding brewery financing. It’s a mess on many levels. Finding a bank that’s open is tough enough. Finding a banker who’ll talk straight and look you in the eye is even tougher. Tracking down a bank that’s going to have money to lend you? Good luck.
Rick is an exception to all of that. He finds money, quickly, from someplace. (We don’t ask him too many questions when he shows up with a check.) He worked hard and cat-quick to successfully fund our latest $2.5 million brewery expansion. He finds money as fast as yeast cells find sugar. I highly recommend Rick for a brewery’s financing needs. Give him a try and you’ll be glad you did.”

Dale Katechis, Oskar Blues Brewery

Del Norte Brewing Co.

Hi Rick,

You and Brewery Finance have been a critical part of the Del Norte Brewing Co. team. You have come through with a great financing package every time we needed help. You’ve always been incredibly helpful, friendly and responsive, with great follow-through. I don’t know how we would have made it without you.

Jack Sosebee, Del Norte Brewing Co.
Denver, CO

Yakima Craft Brewing Co.

I wanted to write and let you know that we have found the experience in dealing with Brewery Finance- and Rick Wehner in particular- very satisfying. We will recommend your organization and Rick to anyone and everyone who asks (and probably some who don’t).

We came to a decision while getting this venture off the ground; do we spend budget on capitol assets needed to start up now, or do we turn that investment into an expense, and save our cash for working capital? We chose the latter, giving us more flexibility and perhaps safety for paths known and unknown. So far, this decision has paid off.

When we started looking for an organization to work with, we approached many “standard” leasing houses. While they did their best to fit our needs, they just didn’t have Rick’s experience in the brewing industry nor did they possess his helpful, focused attitude. He was the best individual to work with and, as we got into the nitty-gritty of the contracts, Brewery Finance was the clear winner, putting customer service first and shopping around to get us the “best deal” possible.

Even through multiple changes to the vendors and assets selected, and all the resulting necessary contract changes, Rick and Brewery Finance were there to guide us and make the entire transaction simple and straight-forward. We appreciate that more than this simple letter can express, and the customer service that Rick provides us continues to this day, long after the contracts have been signed off.

In closing, I’ll simply say that Rick Wehner and Brewery Finance are welcome in our sample room any time.


Jeff Winn, President and Brewmaster
Yakima Craft Brewing Co.

Asheville Brewing Co.

Greetings from North Carolina. I wanted to thank you guys again for the fast, efficient service and for taking the time to work with us on getting the lease that worked best for ua. As a small brewery we don’t always get the full attention of the banks and other financial institutions, so it was great to deal with Rick on a professional and personal level.

We would definitely recommend you to any other micro-brewery or restaurant. In fact, we already have told another local brewery about your company.

We look forward to working with you again.


Michael Rangel, President
Asheville Brewing Company

LoneRider Brewing Co.

I am writing on behalf of LoneRider Brewing Company to commend the excellent work of Rick Wehner.

I had the pleasure of interacting with Rick on our recent acquisition of a chiller. Our current chiller had unfortunately decided to sputter its last breath, and we were in urgent need of a replacement. Having interacted with Rick even before this incident, my first thought was to reach back out and see the possibility of a lease and inquire about the turn-around time.

From the second we conversed, till the moment the chiller was actually delivered to the warehouse I can without hesitation say that the experience was unequivocally one of the best customer service experiences I have had in such a major purchase.

Rick was on the ball every second, the emails/voice-calls were returned instantly, and all clarifications provided promptly and with great detail.

Rick has the thanks of this LoneRider, and a guarantee of recommendation to whomever I speak in similar matters. I hope to reach out to Rick for any similar need we have.

Thank you for a positive experience.


Sumit Vohra, CEO
LoneRider Brewing Company
Raleigh, NC


I am writing this letter in reference to the work that Rick Wehner has provided Rapscallion Brewer in the last year. Rick made the process of financing our recent equipment acquisition effortless. His honest approach in finding fair figures as well as his due diligence in helping us use the right equipment vendor was crucial in expanding our operation.

It is encouraging that the service and relationships that you would once see in a small mom and pop culture can still exist today in our marketplace. Rick Wehner and Brewery Finance are on example of how to conduct this type of business relationship, providing communication and support at the highest level.

I can understand now why Brewery Finance and it’s team are reputable in the craft brewing industry, and as a local micro-brewery we look forward to working with you again as we expand our operations and move forward.

Best Regards,

Peter Daniel, Co-Owner
Concord Brewery dba Rapscallion