Financing Benefits

What are the Benefits of Equipment Financing?


Here’s a short list of the many advantages of equipment leasing:


Keep Your Cash: Save your working capital for business-building needs and emergencies.

Accounting Benefits: Monthly payments may be deductible as operating expenses.

100% Financing: Leasing covers all equipment and can tackle training, installation and other soft costs.

No Hefty Down Payment: A modest security deposit equaling two monthly payments is typically all that’s required.

Tax Savings: Equipment financing provides short- and long-term pluses, your tax advisor can provide full details.

Flexibility: Leases can be customized to fit your particular situation and variables in your business cycle.

Take that, Inflation:  By leasing, you pay with next year’s inflated dollars and can do so every year.

Increase profits immediately. By covering your more affordable monthly lease payment, new equipment can be profitable from the first month.

Preserve bank credit lines: Leases don’t affect your bank borrowing limits, so you retain 100% of your available credit power.

Avoid obsolescence: Upgrade Leases provide the latest equipment without a larger monthly payment.