Fu** Your Brewery Expansion

(Actually, “fund” is not a four letter word with us.)

Since 2005, our funding programs have helped hundreds of US craft brewers quickly get the equipment they need.

These savvy brewers appreciate the significant benefits our Brewery Finance programs deliver. The chart below highlights the pluses of our programs.

Cash Lending
Bank Lending
No upfront payment required

Must have cash up front

Large down payments & associated fees

Easily Upgrade & Add Equipment

Would require new loan

Match Payments to Cash Flow Needs

Must have cash up front

Limited flexibility

Avoids Affecting Bank Lines of Credit

Will affect bank lines of credit

Defer Payments Until Equipment Generates Benefits/Revenue

Must have cash up front

Repayment begins immediately

Get Same-Day Approval


Could take days of weeks

Along with these advantages, we offer creative solutions for making sure that your monthly payments match your brewery’s cash flow.

these brewers reaped the benefits of equipment leasing with Brewery Finance.

“Rick and Brewery Finance provided a clear and streamlined process and got us everything — canning line, depalletizer and cooperage — we needed. If only all brewery related problems could be solved as easily!”

Scott Metzger, Freetail Brewing
Logo for Freetail, a brewing company.

“Brewery Finance came through for us at a crucial time for Modern Times. Traditional lenders were not interested at all due to the youth of the brewery. We are where we are today partly because of the relationship we enjoyed with Brewery Finance.”

Chris Sarette, Modern Times Beer
Logo for Modern Times Beer.

“Rick and his Brewery Finance people are the best in the industry. They also are far more personal, helpful and risk tolerant then any bank will ever be, and they feel like actual partners in what we’re doing.”

Bill Eye, Bierstadt Lagerhaus

“Unlike a bank, we take into account who the brewers are, their backstory, and their brewery approach. We put as much emphasis on the people and their plan as we do their credit history.”

Rick Wehner, Brewery Finance

“Rick Wehner finds money as fast as yeast cells find sugar. I highly recommend him for a brewery’s financing needs.”

Dale Katechis, Oskar Blues Brewery
Logo for Oscar Blues, a brewing company.

“Frankly, my partners and I can’t figure out how Brewery Finance makes it all work. We got exactly what we needed, and we got it quickly, efficiently, and easily.”

Adam Watson, Against the Grain Brewery