Virtual CBC Honkytonk Bash

Howdy folks,

Just think…had the Craft Brewers Conference actually taken place in San Antonio, today we’d be glowing & grinning (and maybe a tad hoarse & hungover) from the dream-come-true night of live music we enjoyed at last night’s Brewery Finance CBC Honkytonk Bash.

Nope, that didn’t happen. Yep, there are far bigger problems these days. But geez, that would’ve been huge fun.

So to wash away our disappointment — and provide you with some valuable music therapy — below are links to songs from the acts we had booked for the 3rd-annual Bash.

Put on your boots and hat and crank the volume, please. And big thanks to our sponsors for the event, we look forward to next year’s throwdown with you.

Rick Wehner
(AKA “Buck Wrangler”)