The Power of Being Pre-Approved

Before you start drooling over your latest and greatest craft brewing equipment upgrade, take a pause to think about your financing. Being pre-approved for large capital expenditures will allow you to jump on purchases without any unnecessary delays. Approach craft brew equipment vendors and private party sellers confidently and close deals quickly. By getting pre-approved your brewery can compete with cash offers, purchase used equipment from private sellers, and bid at auctions. At Brewery Finance, we can help craft breweries get pre-approved for purchases between $5K-$250K within 24-48 hours with our simple online application. Our years of experience working exclusively with craft breweries allow us to process your application quickly.

Close Deals with Equipment Vendors Quickly

If this isn’t your first time ordering commercial-grade craft brewing equipment, then you are already familiar with how lengthy the purchase process and lead times can be. Once you’ve selected your vendor and chosen the equipment that meets your needs, the process has only just begun. Equipment vendors require a deposit at the time of signing for the order before they even begin building the equipment you’re probably already desperate for. By getting pre-approved with a financier like Brewery Finance you can expedite the process and come to the table ready to sign and move forward. We can get the deposit funds transferred to the vendor in 1-2 business days to secure an equipment purchase without delays.

Purchase Used Equipment from Private Parties & Auctions

You were just late-night cruising on Facebook Marketplace and came across an ad from another craft brewery marketing some used equipment for sale. Your heart is racing and you’re eager to secure the purchase, but without the cash in hand, it’s a non-starter. By getting pre-approved with Brewery Finance you can act fast and compete with other brewers with cash in hand. One brewery’s old canning line is an up-and-coming brewery’s latest upgrade. If you want to be able to purchase used equipment from private party sellers or at equipment auctions, be sure to secure your pre-approval.

How to Get Pre-Approval

We’re not trying to slow your roll and put another stressful to-do on your list. We make it easy for our craft brewers and CFOs to get pre-approval for capital expenditures up to $250K with our fool-proof one-page application. Yes, you read that right! ONE PAGE! Prepare to kick your feet up on your desk and enjoy a cold one. Our application only takes minutes to complete. We will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your application and prepare your pre-approval. Want to discuss equipment vendors? We can do that too. Submit your application for next steps.