Stop Waiting, Start Growing!

Why you should consider Pinnacle Capital as an investment source to upgrade your existing brewery business.

If your brewery business has surpassed the statistically-likely-to-fail 2-year mark, take a moment and congratulate yourself. Despite some bumps in the road, you’ve managed to run a successful business and that is an accomplishment worth celebrating. With eyes set on continuing success in the market place, how do you plan to compete in a changing business climate and ensure profits continue for years to come? Perhaps it is time for your company to consider a capital investment.

Capital for New Technology

Technologies and efficiencies are in constant motion in the market place and it takes time and money to upgrade these necessary components of business. Are your computers, cash registers, or phones ancient? Are you years behind the most updated equipment required for your brewery business?

Invest in equipment and technology that will minimize the need for future upgrades with the ability to be flexible enough to handle potential future technologies. With greater efficiencies in place, your return on investment is recouped quickly.

As opposed to a slow transition of technological advancement as money is available, equipment financing can make technology, software or equipment upgrades quickly and effectively with as little interference to your daily business practice as possible.

Capital for Expansion

You can see that your business meets a need and the demand is only increasing. Your time to expand is now, but your annual budget doesn’t allow for it. Before you can increase business sales or profits, you have to increase your current assets; you need money in order to grow.

Whether you need new tanks, canning systems or your keg washers and support equipment need an upgrade, Pinnacle can provide the resources you need. The future can be bright and a capital investment is the way for you to ensure your expansion goes smoothly.

Capital for Seasonal Trends

For years, you’ve seen that your business profits increase exponentially during a certain time of year, but your gaps in financing leave you short on meeting your business profit potential. To not capitalize on seasonal trends can prove detrimental to the long-term sustainability of your business.

Patch your financial holes with a capital investment to make your business thrive for seasons to come!

How Much Do You Need?

Mark Henricks, writer at Entrepreneur Magazine, provides a way to calculate how much capital you may need:

To start, list all expenses related to running your business, as well as expanding it, in one column of a ledger pad or spreadsheet. Then add two more columns, labeled expansion costs and ongoing costs. In a separate area, place two lines labeled estimated income and other sources of funds. Add up expenses projected for the coming year, including expansion and ongoing costs in the subtotals and total expenses lines. Put your estimated net income for the coming year in the estimated income line. Place the total of other sources of funds, such as savings and loans, in the other line and add these two together. Now subtract the total expenses from this amount. If the number is negative, this represents approximately how much financing you will need to pay for expansion.

There are many reasons for an established business to look for capital investment. At Pinnacle Capital Partners, our knowledgeable and professional advisors are excited to help meet your business goals. Contact us here or apply for financing here.