One Page Application for Financing up to $250K

Are you wondering if you read that correctly? Yes! Brewery Finance has a one page application for financing requests up to $250,000. No financial statements or reviews necessary and typically no money down is required. This application is for established breweries who need capital quickly for new equipment purchases or upgrades. We know that when it comes to ordering new brewing equipment, the lead time can be months before new equipment enters the brew house. Waiting 4-6 weeks to hear back from a bank about your financing application only adds to the stress of the process. That’s why Brewery Finance has made it as simple as possible for craft breweries to get the capital they need for new brewing equipment purchases.

Save Time at the Front of the Line

When you make the decision to upgrade your equipment, the process has only just begun. First you will need to get pre-approved for financing before you can place an order for equipment. Traditional corporate and local generalized banks can take weeks to provide an answer on financing applications for brewing equipment, as they conduct their due diligence on the industry and vendors. Here at Brewery Finance, this is our unique expertise. We can move quickly through the process so you are preapproved and ready to place your order for new brewing capital equipment within 24-48 hours. It all begins with our one page application.

One Page Application: What is Required?

Pour yourself a pint of beer. By the time you’ve finished that frosty mug you’ll be done with our one page financing application for capital equipment. There are no financial statements or records required to file for loan amounts up to $250,000. These requests are for capital equipment purchases only which includes brewing, canning, labeling, packaging, and some taproom equipment. In addition, we are often able to facilitate these loans with $0 security deposit or money down. This allows your craft brewery to purchase the capital equipment it needs without tying up funds that can be used to pay staff and other operating costs. 

24-48 Hour Turnaround Time + Brewing Industry Expertise

With our expertise in the craft brewing industry we can respond to your application in 24 to 48 hours. We know the equipment and many of the vendors that craft brewers are looking for and can help support a swift purchase process. Start by completing our one page financing application. Then, a representative of Brewery Finance will contact you within 1 business day to discuss your application and move forward with your financing requests. Be prepared to make your equipment purchase in less than two business days. We look forward to being a part of your brewery’s successful expansion.