Now Offering Working Capital for Breweries

Is your brewery in need of capital—quick—to fund an upcoming purchase? Brewery Finance is thrilled to now offer short-term working capital loans for breweries. Short-term working capital loans are issued for durations of 3-18 months and are most commonly used for expansion projects, bulk purchases of merchandise and ingredients, or to pay unexpected utility bills. Working with Brewery Finance, we can process these loans very quickly, and get the capital in your hands within 24-48 hours so you can make your purchase in a timely manner and continue focusing on the other operational components of your craft brewery business.

Short-Term Working Capital Loans for Breweries

The distinguishing quality of a short-term working capital loan is the duration; typically 3-18 months. This is ideal for brewery owners and CFOs looking to overcome an immediate financial hurdle, without being saddled with the debt for an extended period of time. Choose a pay off duration that is manageable for your craft brewing business, like 3, 6, 12, or 18 months. This makes short-term working capital loans ideal for funding expansion or improvement projects. Brewery Finance also offers early payoff incentives for breweries taking out short-term working capital loans.

Qualify Based on Revenue vs. Available Credit

Another one of the exciting components of a short-term working capital loan is that we can qualify your loan based on your revenue, not based on your available credit. This is incredibly advantageous for startup breweries and growing breweries who are making money, but not necessarily operating at a profit just yet. This also requires significantly less paperwork for the person filing the loan application. In fact, the application for a short-term working capital loan through Brewery Finance is only a single page. Complete the application in minutes and we will immediately begin processing your loan. 

Approval and Funding in 24-48 Hours

After completing the application for your short-term working capital loan Brewery Finance is very quick to process your request. Typically, we are able to provide approval and funding within 24-48 hours of submitting your short-term working capital loan application. This means, there are no unnecessary delays making your purchases or paying off unexpected utility bills. Brewery Finance has experience working with professional craft breweries at every stage of their business development; from startups to nationally distributed brands. We understand the reality of operating a craft brewing business on a bootstrap budget and the cost of investing in new equipment, expansions, inventory, and ingredients. Brewery Finance will work directly with your CEO, Operations Manager, or CFO to secure the funding you need to overcome your next growth hurdle. Contact a representative of Brewery Finance today to discuss the application process for a short-term working capital loan.