Meet Your New BFFs  

We’re growing here at Brewery Finance and are happy to announce the addition of two new staffers. Sam Cathcart and John Pavolka are our new BFFs (Brewery Funding Facilitators), they’ll be helping us provide fast expert service to our current and future customers. You may be hearing from them in the next few weeks as they introduce themselves and provide financing help for your equipment purchases. 

Sam Cathcart

Born in Berkeley, CA and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Sam Cathcart is a diehard fan of Seattle’s Seahawks and Mariners and the mighty Cougars of Washington State University. When he’s not helping brewers get the equipment they need for success, you can find him sipping an IPA with friends and family or enjoying a pale ale on the golf course. 
He gets great satisfaction from craft beer and his day gig with Brewery Finance.  “I get to work with people that have a unique passion for what they do,” Cathcart says. “They put a part of themselves into their brewery and their beer, and it shows. And each brewery is different and I love learning about what each of them brings to the brewing community.”

John Pavolka

Born and raised in Tacoma, Washington, John Pavolka is a proud local who grew up around business through his entrepreneurial family.  At a young age, he spent a lot of time in an auto parts distribution warehouse (co-founded by his father), where he got to experience the trials and tribulations that come with that business model. “Distribution is the most interesting part of the beer industry to me,” Pavolka says, “because it can make or break a brewery.” 
His passion for craft beer developed right along with Washington’s brewery scene, and he enjoys working with craft brewers there and around the nation. “Working with Brewery Finance is great,” he says, “because I get to work with all types of breweries, from the little upstarts to the cream of the crop.” Off the clock, John likes to spend time in the woods of the Pacific Northwest and share good times and practice moderation with his family and friends.
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