Financing Your Craft Brewery Expansion

The craft brewing scene continues to grow in popularity among daily drinkers and beer enthusiasts. Every brewery must be proactive to keep valued customers coming back for more. Developing your signature brews, branding, packaging, and taproom atmosphere is essential for keeping pace in the craft beer industry today. All of these upgrades require an investment of capital, potentially on a massive scale compared to your current revenue volumes. Brewery Finance is ready to support you through your craft brewery expansion goals as your financial partner. Leave the funding to us so you can focus on making improvements to your beer, brand, and business.

Financial Considerations For Expanding

Even if your craft brewery is currently successful, finding the funds to finance your expansion can be a daunting task. As you consider which investments you’re going to make in expanding your brewery, consider the profit margins and return on investment to help determine where to prioritize the allocation of your funds. Certain improvements will become cash flowing more quickly than other investments. For example, doubling your canning capacity means twice as much beer available for sale, while doubling bar stools in your taproom only doubles revenue if you have adequate increased serving capacity. Brewery Finance will work with you as your financial partner as you evaluate the pros and cons of financing your craft brewery expansion.

Financing & Loans for Taproom & Brewery Expansions

Have you outgrown your current space and you’re looking to expand into new or additional space? Many craft breweries quickly outgrow their original taprooms and brewery facilities once their brands begin to enjoy national distribution. Brewery Finance can help you access capital to expand your taproom, make architectural and interior design improvements, and increase space for brewing and bottle equipment.

Beer bottles filling on the conveyor belt in the brewery factory

Upgrade Craft Brewing Equipment

Is demand for your craft beer exceeding your capacity to produce it? It’s time to upgrade and expand your craft brewing equipment. Investing in new and larger capacity mash tuns, fermenters, keg fillers, and bottling machines can increase your capacity to brew, bottle, and sell beer. These new equipment purchases can cost the equivalent of months of revenue. Allow Brewery Finance to help you fund the purchase of your new craft brewery equipment. 

Invest In Branding & Marketing

It’s no secret that many craft beer shoppers are scouting for the most interesting and eye-catching labels at the liquor store. Bright colors, modern fonts, logos, and illustrations all make a beer brand standout among the thousands of competitors. If your brand is in need of a refresh, this can be one of the most important areas to invest funds for your business. Updated branding and packing assets for your beer can cost tens of thousands of dollars to design, develop, and print. 

Partner With Funding Experts for Your Brewery Expansion

The funding experts at Brewery Finance have helped hundreds of brewers navigate the complicated world of loans and financing. Rely on Brewery Finance to be your partner through your craft brewery expansion so you can focus on the details of designing your space, engineering your equipment, and perfecting your packing. Contact us today to discuss your vision for expansion and financing needs.