Financing Branded Cups, Apparel & Other Merchandise

When you picture growing and expanding your craft brewery you undoubtedly picture your customers drinking your bubbly beverages out of branded glassware and sporting colorful shirts and hats. Branded merchandise is a huge part of a local brewpub’s overall success and image. But purchasing bulk quantities of branded glassware, merchandise, and apparel and be a pricey line item and isn’t in the budget for existing and startup breweries alike. If you’re wondering if you can finance the purchase of these custom-branded items for your brewery the answer is, YES! Brewery Finance can assist you with a working capital loan to help make these purchases.

Working Capital Loan for Merchandise, Apparel & Glassware

Working capital loans are a good solution for breweries looking to access a relatively small amount of cash ($250K and under) and pay back that amount over a shorter period of time, typically 3-18 months. This can be incredibly useful for paying unexpected expenses or making a bulk purchase of material goods, including ingredients, merchandise, apparel, and branded glassware. The application for this type of loan can be completed and funded in as little as 24-48 hours. Contact a representative of Brewery Finance to learn more.

The Bulk Purchase Advantage

Once you have started looking into purchasing branded merchandise and glassware you quickly learn that the best prices are secured through bulk purchasing. The more units you are able to purchase, the lower your overall cost per unit will be, increasing the viability of a solid return on investment. Use a working capital loan to obtain the funds necessary to purchase the quantity you need to get the best price per unit. Purchasing in bulk also means having ample inventory at your brewpub or tap room location and needing to worry about reordering less often.

Does Branded Merchandise Build Brand Value?

The name of the game when it comes to brand recognition is the memorability of the brand’s logo, fonts, and colors. Developing unique and memorable brand merchandise and glassware is absolutely an advantage when building the local and regional reputation for your brewery. Not let the cost of these line items keep you from making this worthy investment in your brand and business. Contact a representative of Brewery Finance to learn more about using a working capital loan to make the purchases you need now to grow your business.