Finance Used and New Brewery Equipment Purchases

In craft beverage production, the equipment that you use for brewing, packaging, and storing your product is absolutely essential to the operation of your business. If a piece of equipment breaks or fails it can cost your business thousands of dollars each day that production is impacted. It could also be the case that your brewery is growing and needs more equipment to support increased production demands. Either way, ordering a new piece of craft brewing equipment is an exciting moment, until you look at the price tag and the order fulfillment timeline. If the cost of your new production asset exceeds your current available cash on hand you can use equipment financing to purchase that equipment for a term of 2-5 years.  Need to move quickly? Perhaps a short-term working capital loan would be the right tool.

Costs & Timeline of Brewery Equipment Purchases

The tricky thing about buying a new piece of brewery equipment is the large deposit required to purchase and the often prolonged production and delivery timeline. If a piece of equipment has broken in your production facility you can use Working Capital for a quick solution to help pay for the cost of repairs. To pay for the deposit or the entire sum of a new piece of brewing equipment leverage Equipment Financing to make the purchase viable for your growing brewery. When working with manufacturers with long delivery timelines, having your finances in order quickly is essential to getting the purchase order started and keep your production on track.

Purchasing Used Brewing Equipment

Because of the costs and timeline involved in purchasing new brewing equipment, especially made-to-order, there is a lot of interest in buying quality used equipment. Used equipment that is being sold by a reputable organization that meets the specifications of your needs is a budget-friendly alternative. Many brewers wonder if purchasing used brewing equipment excludes them from the opportunity to leverage capital. In fact, Brewery Finance can provide Working Capital loans and Equipment Financing for the purchase of qualifying used brewing equipment.

Working Capital for Equipment Purchases

If an equipment purchase is in your future that is greater than the sum of your cash on hand, it’s time to reach out to Brewery Finance about a Working Capital or Equipment Financing is appropriate for your purchase. We have processed dozens of these loans to support craft brewers across the country as they have grown and expanded their operations. We specialize in working with craft brewers and other craft beverage manufacturers and won’t require arduous paperwork to process your loan application. Have the capital for your purchase in your account within 48 hours to get your order underway. Depending on your needs, we also have relationships with reliable equipment manufacturers and used equipment resellers. Reach out today to learn more and apply.