Fight the Power (Bills)

Dave Foster is with National Auditing Services Consulting, and he wants to make sure you are talking truth to your power company. “Our primary goal is to secure utility refunds for breweries,” he says. “Over 75% of craft brewers are overpaying their utility bills without realizing it. We can help these brewers secure refunds on the utility bills they’ve already paid and save money on future bills, too.”

“We thought we were being properly billed by our utility companies,” says Val Lang of Singlecut Beersmiths in Astoria, New York. “But we were wrong. NASC got us a sizable refund and getting it took minimal effort on our part.”
To receive an NASC bill audit, brewers supply NASC with copies of their recent monthly utility bills and sign a 1-page agreement that allows NASC to obtain the past 4 years of those bills. Most states, Foster says, have a 3-4 year statute of limitations on how far back utility bills can be reviewed.

The review looks at a range of billing areas, from redundant billing charges and incorrect line or usage fees, to errors in meter readings. Foster says a typical brewery refund is the equivalent of 1-5 months of bills.
For its efforts, NASC gets one half of the refund. For any savings in future bills, 100% of the savings go to the brewery. “This will help lower a brewery’s costs down the road and loosen its margins,” Foster says. “The best part for the brewers,” Foster adds, “is that if we can’t secure a refund, there is no cost for our service.”

Recent NASC brewery clients include Mad Science Brewing Company, The Alchemist, Manayunk Brewing, New England Brewing and Shmaltz Brewing. “Dave was cool and easy to work with,” says Shmaltz founder Jeremy Cowan, “and he helped us save around $7500.”
“NASC got us a refund of several thousand dollars,” says New England Brewing founder Rob Leonard. “More importantly, NASC worked with the utility companies to fix the structural errors that were in our bills. That led to our initial refund and reduced our future bills by more than 6%.”

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