Employee Empowerment: Ensuring Brewery Staff Stability with Working Capital

Working Capital Loans cover payroll expenses for craft breweries

Working at the craft brewery is fun over the holidays when every barstool in the tap room is occupied, six packs are flying off the shelf, and merchandise sales are at an all-time high. Bartenders, brewers, and even administrators feel the surplus when times are good. It’s a whole different story when sales have slowed down and staffing needs stay high. Working Capital Loans can help craft breweries ride out the financial ebbs of the fiscal year to ensure stability for your entire staff. Brewery Finance has administered Working Capital Loans to dozens of craft breweries to support payroll and other employee-related expenses.

Keep Staff Volume Consistent

No matter the volume of sales the amount of staff required to operate your craft brewery stays the same. You need employees in the front of the house, production, administration, delivery, maintenance, and more to keep those hoppy bubbles flowing for your loyal customers. Reducing staff because of financial issues can put strain on your remaining employees and make operations and production even more difficult. Keep staff volume consistent all year long by covering quiet times with a Working Capital Loan.

It's easy to apply for working capital loans through brewery financeAdminister Payroll on Time

You don’t want to cut staff and you definitely don’t want to delay or miss payroll! Keeping your accounts cash flow positive can be a fickle artform when you have large equipment or real estate purchases throwing off your balance sheets. Even if you know your brewery is ultimately going to operate at a net profit for the year, sometimes you just don’t have the cash on hand for the next large expense. Many professional craft breweries have used Working Capital Loans during these lean times to cover payroll expenses. These short-term loans can be administered in values ranging from $5,000 to $250,000. Brewery Finance can have the funds in your account in as little as 24-48 hours.

Cover Employee-Related Expenses

Working Capital Loans are useful for employee-related expenses beyond just payroll. Use these short-term loans to cover your state and federal employee tax liability, unemployment insurance, social security payments, and more. Don’t jeopardize losing valuable, reliable team members because of temporary cash flow concerns. Talk to a representative at Brewery Finance today about securing a Working Capital Loan to cover payroll costs and ensure staff stability throughout the year.