Brewery Finance Partners with Earthly Labs for CO2 Capture System

Pioneering CiCi System Provides High Quality CO2 Supply, Quick ROI, Big Enviro Benefits 

Brewery Finance is now providing funding help for Earthly Labs, creator of a pioneering carbon capture systems for craft brewers.

With Earthly Lab’s plug-and-play CiCi system, brewers can capture CO2 produced by the fermentation process and reuse it to carbonate and package beer. The system provides breweries with relief from the current CO2 shortage, an all-natural and self-produced supply of high-grade CO2, and a way join the fight against global warming. It requires just 20 square feet of floor space.

“With a CiCi system,” says Brewery Finance founder Rick Wehner, “brewers can take what has always been a waste product and use it to cut their CO2 purchases and their greenhouse gas emissions. They can help their bottom line and the planet at the same time.”

While the CiCi system delivers all of those benefits along with a quick return on investment, Earthly Labs founder Amy George says Brewery Finance fills a crucial role in helping her company get more breweries capturing their CO2.

“We’re hearing from many breweries that want a CiCi system,” George says, “but they aren’t comfortable or able to buy equipment right now. Especially when traditional lenders have largely left craft beer due to the pandemic. But Brewery Finance makes it easy and affordable for craft brewers to get the system and reap the big benefits it provides, at a fixed and typically lower monthly cost.”

“In a CO2 shortage environment,” she adds, “if you have to capture CO2 to be able to brew, Brewery Finance can be your key to survival. And their approval process is far easier and faster than a bank’s.”

Denver Beer Co (Denver, Colorado) installed a CiCi several months ago, and cofounder Charlie Berger says the system helps his brewery fulfill several objectives. “We believe,” Berger says, “that small businesses should operate in as green a manner as possible, especially during this pandemic. The CiCi system is a good investment both from an economic perspective and an environmental one, and we’re big believers in what Amy and Earthly Labs are doing.”

The Earthly Labs partnership helps Brewery Finance meet its latest objectives, too. “Over the past couple of years,” Wehner says, “we’ve been looking for ways to help breweries succeed and do something meaningful in the fight against climate change. By joining forces with Earthly Labs, we can help breweries navigate these very tough times and become standout stewards of the environment.”

Brewers interested in funding help for an Earthly Labs CiCi system can contact Rick Wehner at