Benefits of Working with Industry-Specific Professionals

You wouldn’t trust an attorney to be your master brewer, just as much as you wouldn’t trust your master brewer to be your attorney. Working with an industry-specific professional, no matter the endeavor, always has its merits. So why would you trust your average banker to have intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the craft brewing business? (Unless you have a really cool banker with an enormous side hobby, in which case, good for you.) 

Here at Brewery Finance, our entire business is to know your business. Our financing experts know the ins and outs of your equipment needs, supply chain demands, distribution conundrums, and operating expenses. Additionally, we’ve spent years building our relationships with the most reliable equipment vendors and know the unique demands and timeline concerns of ordering essential and expensive brewing equipment. The next time you need a financial paperwork jockey on your team with an intimate knowledge of the craft brewing industry reach out to your partners at Brewery Finance.

Vendor Referrals & Vendor Accommodations

If you approach your average banker with an application for a loan to purchase a depalletizer for your brewhouse they won’t understand the function of equipment within the business, nor will they understand that brewery equipment vendors require pre-funding. The due diligence process with a standard bank could take up to 6 months, and that’s before you can receive the funds to place the deposit for the order, extending already lengthy lead times for most new brewery equipment.

Expediency is the name of the game here at Brewery Finance. We aim to process most applications within 24-48 hours, and no—you don’t have to explain what a depalletizer is to us. If you haven’t already selected your equipment vendor, we have a network of reliable vendors that we can recommend with an understanding of where you are in the growth stages of your business. We can provide access to capital when it’s essential to help small breweries gain traction in their local communities.

Once your application has been approved, Brewery Finance promptly provides the funds for the deposit on any equipment purchase, as we know this is just the beginning of what can be several weeks or months before the order is ready. These lead times can put a ton of strain and pressure on your growing brewery, so we make it our priority to see the entire transaction proceed as quickly and smoothly as possible. If your craft brewery is looking for a loan for an equipment purchase, or expansion project trust the specialists at Brewery Finance to have your needs met quickly and without chaos or confusion.

“Rick and his Brewery Finance people are the best in the industry. They are far more personally helpful and risk-tolerant than any bank will ever be, and they feel like actual partners in what we’re doing.” -Bierdstadt Lagerhaus